I am using laravel and blade to loop over some blog items. I wanted to show blog with html tags and also with str_limit function.

When I try

{!!str_limit($blog->body, 450)!!}

It only shows 10 blogs or 11 out of 22. It should show all items.

If I use {{ str_limit($blog->body, 450) }} it shows all but without html tags I mean no effect of html tag.

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    I suspect what's happening is you've got some un-closed HTML tags because str_limit is lopping them off. For example, if the HTML code <a href="http://google.com/">This is a link</a> got cut off at <a href="http://, the next blog entry's text will be still inside the <a href=""> tag you've got open. Take a look at the source code and pay particular attention to syntax highlighting where the missing items are. – ceejayoz Sep 14 at 13:37
  • In this case, what to do because finding which tag which is kept open is seems impossible. – sadek Sep 14 at 13:38
  • Thank you. I solved it and you are correct. It seems iframe src was not closed. you can post it as answer – sadek Sep 14 at 13:42
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str_limit has no knowledge of HTML tags, so using it on a string that contains HTML will often result in an unclosed tag that breaks the rest of the page.

As an example, an excerpt that ends in <a href="http://google.co because it got lopped off there means the rest of your page is part of the <a> tag until you accidentally output a " and a > again.

A couple options are available to you:

  • Strip the HTML tags. I know you wanted to preserve them, but this remains the easiest way of generating an excerpt.
  • Output the entire body, but give it max height and an overflow: hidden to hide the rest. This has bandwidth downsides, so if your posts are enormously long, it may not be the best approach.
  • Produce your own excerpts as a separate field. Manual work, but you're always in control that way.
  • Find/code a HTML-aware excerpt generator. I'm not aware of a good one I can recommend - it's a complicated problem. You could try generating a str_limited string and then running the results through Tidy, which can sort of fix invalid HTML.

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