I want to create an ng-repeat that shows a list of "organizations".

Basically, users can create projects in different organizations (Org A, Org B, Org C, etc) and I want to display all the organizations that a user has a project on, with a list.

Each user has a var associated called active_projects that saves all the Organizations they got a project and the project ID. Example: {"ORG A":5087,"ORG B":5025}.

And each organization has name var that saves the name I want to display. Example: ORG A.

I have an example that does something similar, but with clusters:

<li ng-repeat="cluster in administrableClusterContainer.administrableClusters">
  <a href="{{ cluster.impersonateUrl }}">{{ cluster.name }}</a>

My doubt is how to fill the ng-repeat for the new case.

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