Can anyone help me with the syntax for adding a parameter to a stored procedure for Excel 2016? In previous versions of Excel the syntax was:

{ call dbo.StoredProcName (?) } 

But this no longer works for Excel 2016.

  • Dealing with procedural code is highly vendor-specific - so please add a tag to specify whether you're using mysql, postgresql, sql-server, oracle or db2 - or something else entirely. – marc_s Sep 14 '18 at 14:17
  • This is for SQL server – Launenhaft Sep 14 '18 at 15:07
  • That's the correct syntax for ODBC calls. Possibly your call isn't going through ODBC but through the native driver. Try just dbo.StoredProcName ? or dbo.StoredProcName @param=? or even dbo.StoredProcName @param. – Jeroen Mostert Sep 14 '18 at 15:14
  • I had tried all of those to no avail.. I have also tried this through the native driver and through ODBC. Each iteration throws a syntax error. – Launenhaft Sep 14 '18 at 15:51
  • That syntax still works for 2016 with SS. I use {CALL myDatabaseName.dbo.myStoredProc (?)} – QHarr Sep 15 '18 at 0:32

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