I'm creating an application that connects multiple phones via Bluetooth, so I'm using the Android library Multi Bluettoth Library, this library creates a server client system, where one of the applications and the server and the other are customers, but at Test I noticed that some cell phones have a problem with the connection.

For the tests I'm using two Sansungs, a Galaxy J2 Prime, and a Galaxy A5, when the J2 and the server I can connect my A5 easily, but if I try to use the A5 as a server the J2 keep trying to connect without getting it. Is there any reason for this to occur and how can I fix it?

  • Is this a homework problem? – TheWanderer Sep 14 at 13:46
  • It's not a homework assignment, I'm really having a problem with this library that I can't solve – Juliano Silveira Sep 14 at 13:52

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