Is there a function which gets path and image name as parameter and shows a picture as a return?

I've got this line of code and I need to change it to show picture instead of downloading it:

return response()->download($upload->getFilePath($var->image, 'var', $var->id), $var->image['name']);

If you just need to show it instead of downloading.. you should only return the construct the url of the image stored in your public file. Something like this:

return asset($the_route_to_your_file . $the_name_of_your_file);

I think you can use the storage_path() method.

usage :

$path = storage_path('app/file.txt');


  • let me check that and I will respond, thanks – juniorjunior Sep 14 '18 at 13:58

You should give public "storage" URL(image, pdf etc..) but if that file is granted for some users so you should return this:

return response()->file(FILE_PATH);

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