O/pI want to join two rows into single row with multiple columns(dynamically) using SQL Query in PHP.

SQL Table tf4i

Desired Output

Output should be grouped by tf4hid and date.

SQL Query

Select tf4hid,tf4iid,date,product,planqty
from tf4i
group by date,product

This prints row by row but i need to generate columns based on the available products in the columns.

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You can try to use condition aggregate function.

SELECT tf4hid,
       MAX(CASE WHEN product = 'MS(EURO-IV)' THEN planqty END) 'MS(EURO-IV)', 
       MAX(CASE WHEN product = 'HSD(Euro-IV)' THEN planqty END) 'HSD(Euro-IV)', 
       MAX(CASE WHEN product = 'Super_Petrol' THEN planqty END) 'Super_Petrol'  
FROM tf4i
GROUP BY tf4hid,date


dynamic pivot version. create the sql then execute dynamically.

SET @sql = NULL;
      ' MAX(CASE WHEN product = ''',
      ''' THEN planqty END) ''',
      product , ''''
  ) INTO @sql
FROM tf4i;

SET @sql = CONCAT('SELECT tf4hid,
                          date, ', @sql, ' 
                   FROM tf4i
                   GROUP BY tf4hid,date');

PREPARE stmt FROM @sql;


  • It is working but Product needs to be fetched dynamically. Any idea for that by using php – Sri Vathsan Sep 14 at 15:55
  • @SriVathsan You can try to use dynamic pivot stackoverflow.com/questions/12598120/… – D-Shih Sep 14 at 15:56
  • I have tried but i didn't understand it. could you please help me – Sri Vathsan Sep 14 at 16:03
  • @SriVathsan I edit it you can try it. – D-Shih Sep 14 at 16:14
  • I have added O/P error of result. Could you please figure it out – Sri Vathsan Sep 14 at 16:46

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