I have a SQL dbo.bugetyear & Output below.

 NameofAccount    BudgetMonth    Balance      AccountCategory      Year
  sales              1            -344.78        income              2018
  sales              2            -2744.78       income              2018
  sales              3            -8745.78       income              2018
  INTEREST INC       1             7866          Interest income     2018
  INTEREST INC       2             1766          Interest income     2018

I want to sum by Account Category.

  NameofAccount      Balance      AccountCategory      Year       
     sales           -3089.56       income              2018
   INTEREST INC       9632           Interest income    2018
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    If you want to do a sum, then use GROUP BY. Your data values don't look like a SUM(), though. – Gordon Linoff Sep 14 at 15:41
  • Select NameofAccount , BudgetMonth, Sum(Balance),AcctCategory,year from dbo.budgetyear group by NameofAccount Balance,AcctCategory,year – user10054130 Sep 14 at 15:46
  • but still those account names are repeating – user10054130 Sep 14 at 15:47
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Is there an error in the sales sum? If so, here is a solution:

        SUM(Balance) AS Balance,
FROM dbo.bugetyear
GROUP BY NameOfAccount, AccountCategory, Year 

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