Let's say I have an application.yml file for a Spring Boot 2 project that contains a few copies of this object for different services:

        predicateNames: []
        predicateNames: []
          - errorResponse

(other fields abbreviated out) I have one class for RetryConfig, one class for BreakConfig, and then a 3rd class they both use called TriggerDefinition.

And further I have a validation on the retry config object that says retry and abort can't use the same predicate names.

For some reason, Spring is looking at this object and assigning 'errorResponse' to all of the predicateNames fields, not just the failure definition one, and then the validation is failing.

To make things even weirder, it only does this for integration tests on classes irrelevant to this object. FooTest parses this object correctly, but BarTest fails when trying to load application context for foo.

How do I get Spring to grab the correct value for each, rather than flattening them all out and taking some non-applicable list for predicateNames?

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