I´m trying to scrape a webpage using jsonlite library as it follows:

page <- jsonlite::fromJSON("http://divulgacandcontas.tse.jus.br/divulga/rest/v1/candidatura/buscar/2018/GO/2022802018/candidato/90000609234")
data <- dplyr::bind_rows(page) 

The command returns me a list of 63, but i can't get the header from this list, therefore the bind_rows command is not working. If i use the str command it prints both data and header:


#List of 63
#$ id                              : num 9e+10

Does anyone know how can I attribute to an object both data and header?

  • See httr – alistaire Sep 14 at 16:07
  • Welcome to SO. Your List of 63 is just that, a list of mostly "atomic" (char/numeric) elements with some complex and length 0 elements. There's nothing to "bind", per-se. Do you want the bens element? cargo element? partido? eleicao? It's likely this question will get closed unless you can provide more information on what you're trying to accomplish. – hrbrmstr Sep 14 at 19:44

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