My Delphi 10.2.3 tethering app is displaying these error messages when calling SendString() when the companion app is no longer tethered.

Object lock not owned

Profile {profile ID here} is not connected.

I try to prevent calling SendString() if the companion app's profile isn't ready with this code:

  if (TetheringManager.RemoteProfiles.Count = 0)
    then Exit;

  if (TetheringAppProfile.ConnectedProfiles.Count = 0)
    then Exit;

theResult := TetheringAppProfile.SendString(TetheringManager.RemoteProfiles.First,

Is there a better way to figure out whether the companion app is ready for SendString()?

Failing that, is there a way to suppress the error messages?

  • I was able to suppress the errors by placing a blank try...except block around the call to SendString(). – Mike at Bookup Sep 18 at 14:25

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