I m working on embedding a custom side cart,I want to apply the the problem is that the discount doesn't been removed after decreasing the quantity in the cart, I m applying the "bulk Quantity Pricing discount".

example: the rule is the client will get a discount of 15% on order if he buy more than 3 products. if the user has 3 or more product the discount applied, but if he decrease the quantity to than 3 product the discount stay, unless i reload the cart page.

here is the code where i update the cart quantity:

public function update_cart_ajax(){

    //Form Input Values
    $cart_key = sanitize_text_field($_POST['cart_key']);
    $new_qty = sanitize_text_field($_POST['new_qty']);

    //If empty return error
        wp_send_json(array('error' => __('Something went wrong','side-cart-woocommerce')));
        $cart_success = WC()->cart->remove_cart_item($cart_key);
        $cart_success = WC()->cart->set_quantity($cart_key,$new_qty );

        if(wc_notice_count('error') > 0){
            echo wc_print_notices();
  • I tweaked this issue by calling the WC_AJAX::get_refreshed_fragments() in a separated ajax request – ali taha Sep 25 at 19:28

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