I would like to write a number of Python Arrays into a txt file, with one array per line. After which I would like to read the Arrays line by line.

My work in progress code below. The problem I am working on involves about 100,000 arrays (length of L)

from __future__ import division
from array import array

M = array('I',[1,2,3])
N = array('I',[10,20,30])

L = [M,N]

with open('manyArrays.txt','w') as file:
    for a in L:
        sA = a.tostring()
        file.write(sA + '\n')

with open('manyArrays.txt','r') as file:
    for line in file:   
        lineRead = array('I', [])
        print MRead

The error message I get is

ValueError: string length not a multiple of item size

You can either use numpy function for this, or code lines yourself:

You could concatenate your arrays in one 2D array and save it directly with np.savetxt, load it with np.genfromtext :

M = np.array([1,2,3],dtype='I')
N = np.array([10,20,30],dtype='I')
data= np.array([M,N])

M2,N2 = np.genfromtxt(file)

Or do :

form="%i %i %i \n"
with open(file2,'w') as f:
    for i in range(len(data)):
        f.write(form % (data[i,0],data[i,1],data[i,2]))
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    array.array that OP use is not numpy.array. – ForceBru Sep 14 at 16:34

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