I'm using postgres 10.3

I have two tables:


pk  | term(varchar) | is_in_dictionary(bool)
 1  | abcdef        |
 2  | coffee        |
 3  | fdjk          |
 4  | dog           |

table2 is a simple English dictionary

pk  | word (varchar) 
1   | ad
2   | ads
3   | all

I want to insert TRUE in the empty column if term is found in table2 and FALSE if not found.

Please help. Thank you so much.

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UPDATE table1 SET is_in_dictionary = TRUE 
    WHERE term IN 
    (SELECT word FROM table2) ;

Try this. Hope this helps.

  • That did it! I spent way too much time trying to figure this out by googling... should've asked earlier. That syntax is actually much simpler than I expected :) Many thanks – eepee123 Sep 14 at 16:54

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