I'm trying to create a counter to count unique values based on conditions. I haven't been sucessufel because I didn't wanted to use VBA. I have this Table:


And I want to count the Colum "Nr. Pacote" but the unique values. For that I've been successful, but I also want to count the unique values on that colum but using the conditions on the columns "Estado" and "Par/Impar".

Can anyone help me to find a solution?

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    Sounds like your looking for COUNTIFS. Can you post what you've tried so far and your expected outcome? – cybernetic.nomad Sep 14 at 16:20
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    In addition to @cybernetic.nomad's suggestion, have you tried a pivot table? – Jbowman Sep 15 at 14:54
  • @cybertic.nomad @Jbowman I've already tried the pivot table and countifs it doens't work. The problem with using them is that it counts the number of cells, not the individual cells. So it will count for example the number 15 twice. I have a solution for counting them without conditions, but with conditions I've been unsuccessful. For counting without conditons I use this: SUMPRODUCT(1/COUNTIF(A11:A20;A11:A20))-1 . – José Miguel Pinto Sep 15 at 17:11

Assuming you want to count only unique values in A1:A10 that has a corresponding "x" value in B1:B10, you can check out the following formula:


The ROUNDUP is used to consider a decimal value as 1 since there's a value among those duplicates that meet the criteria "x" in B1:B10. The B1:B10="x" addition just cancels out all values in A1:A10 that doesn't meet the criteria.

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