I have a requirement to set admin privileges of large numbers of users to "Observer" i.e update their "default role" to observer. I want to know if there is a Bulk API / method to do so. Also I am trying to work this with one entry at a time and this JSON is not working fine:

    "_type": "Asset",
    "href": "xxx/rest-1.v1/Data/Member/1902",
    "id": "Member:1902",
    "Attributes": {
        "DefaultRole": {
            "_type": "Relation",
            "name": "DefaultRole",
            "value": {
                "_type": "Asset",
                "href": "xxx/rest-1.v1/Data/Role/5",
                "idref": "Role:5",
                "act" : "set"

Any clues what may be wrong here ?

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