My app (locally) raises ActiveStorage::IntegrityError error, whenever it tries to attach a file. How can I get out of this error?

I have only one has_one_attached and I don't know how that error gets in the way.

# model
has_one_attached :it_file do |temp_file|
  # ...
  it_file.attach(io: temp_file, filename: 'filename.csv', content_type: 'text/csv')

# storage.yml
  service: Disk
  root: <%= Rails.root.join("storage") %>

EDIT: it can be related with deleting storage/ directory (it happened after I deleted that) or it can be because it's happening in a job (the full error was Error performing ActivityJob (Job ID: .. ) from Async( .. ) in .. ms: ActiveStorage::IntegrityError (ActiveStorage::IntegrityError)

And this does not add files to storage/ folder but it's generating folders under it when I tried to attach them.

  • It was Tempfile. when I tried temp_file.rewind there, no more errors. – kangkyu Sep 14 at 21:15

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