I want to display some information when the user click on the legend of a plotly graph. For example in the code below, if the user clicks on the "drat" name in the legend to unshow these data, I would like to print a text saying "drat and qsec are selected".

I have seen this stackoverflow's post: R shiny and plotly getting legend click events but it works with labels. In my case, labels is not an available parameter. I have tested the different plotly events but none return any information when I click on the legend (see code below).

Is there a way to have this information ?



ui <- fluidPage(


server <- function(input, output, session) {

  output$plot <- renderPlotly({
    p <- plot_ly()
    for(name in c("drat", "wt", "qsec"))
      p = add_markers(p, x = as.numeric(mtcars$cyl), y = as.numeric(mtcars[[name]]), name = name)


  output$hover <- renderPrint({
    d <- event_data("plotly_hover")
    if (is.null(d)) "Hover events appear here (unhover to clear)" else d

  output$click <- renderPrint({
    d <- event_data("plotly_click")
    if (is.null(d)) "Click events appear here (double-click to clear)" else d

  output$brush <- renderPrint({
    d <- event_data("plotly_selected")
    if (is.null(d)) "Click and drag events (i.e., select/lasso) appear here (double-click to clear)" else d

  output$zoom <- renderPrint({
    d <- event_data("plotly_relayout")
    if (is.null(d)) "Relayout (i.e., zoom) events appear here" else d


shinyApp(ui, server)

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