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I'm trying to add an rv command onto my ReportServerUrl, but that causes an error to occur when setting the parameters. The purpose of this is because the print button isn't appearing on the reports. That's why I'm trying to set the toolbarmode to 0.

            viewer.ServerReport.ReportServerUrl = new Uri(WebConfigurationManager.AppSettings["SSRS_ReportServerUrl"]);
            Uri builder = new Uri(viewer.ServerReport.ReportServerUrl.ToString() +"?/&rv:ToolBarItemsDisplayMode=0");
            viewer.ServerReport.ReportServerUrl = builder;
            viewer.ServerReport.ReportPath = reportPath;
            viewer.ShowCredentialPrompts = false;

            SetupDataSource(viewer, "ClientDS", DatabaseServerName, groupDatabaseName, groupDatabaseUserName,

parameter sets 
 viewer.ServerReport.ReportServerCredentials = new SSRSNetworkCredentials();
            var p = new ReportParameter[2];
            p.SetValue(new ReportParameter("DBServer", server), 0);
            p.SetValue(new ReportParameter("DBCatalog", catalog), 1);

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