An older version of Net::SSH had #send_signal. Since that method no longer seems to be available, have tried sending "\cC" via #send_data, and also tried closing the channel, but the remote command continues running.

What's the right way to send signals to a Net::SSH::Channel now?

  • Please edit your question to include the code that you're using to launch this remote process which you're trying to signal. – Kenster Sep 15 at 22:48

You want to use request_pty to create a pseudo-terminal. You can use that terminal to send an interrupt command.

  • Had tried to go down that route, but request_pty fails (success==false), and not sure how to get past the failure. – Brian Sep 14 at 17:00
  • Also not certain what to do w/ the channel provided in the request_pty block as it doesn't have a #send_signal method either. – Brian Sep 14 at 17:44

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