My flume.log file was getting enormous so I foolishly deleted it. It's absolute path was


I then recreated it (ie: touch flume.log) in the same directory. However nothing gets appended to it anymore after running a Pyspark program. It belongs to root, and I am running the pyspark code as root.

I also checked /etc/apache-flume-1.8.0-bin/conf/ and ensured the path was correct (which it is). I also tried changing the path to my project directory to no avail.

I tried deleting the file (to see if it would be automatically created), and I tried creating an empty file first as well. Still no error logs.

Is there a way to fix this?

I am on Ubuntu 18.04, Apache Flume 1.8.0, Pyspark 2.2.2

  • Did you restart Flume? – tk421 Sep 14 at 20:15
  • Yes. Even rebooted the machine. Still no luck – sit_on_a_pan_otis Sep 14 at 22:12
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I ended up having to uninstall Flume, and then reinstall Flume. Unfortunately I could not find any other way to get it working.

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