i bought 2 cheap 10" Android Tablets with Android 6.0 and based on a Rockchip RK3126. Seems a good price for such hardware. However the internal memory is quiet small and it don't support App2SD.

So i decided to root the tablets to enhance the memory and speed up the cpu with some tweaks. So i searched the net for possible solutions to root such tablets... Nothing really useful found, just some rockchip tools to use.

So i dumped the whole NAND with the tools. Ive seen that the system partition is a standard EXT4 partition so i could mount there image in my system to r/w and put my su binary and the supersu.apk into and reflash the system partition. I copied the su binary to /system/bin with 6755 file permission

shell@MFC512:/ # ls -l /system/bin/su                                          
-rwsr-sr-x root     shell       91980 2012-06-27 21:50 su

Ok ive done this and i could run su as usual. also in a shell id shows me the correct user id for root but i still cant do anything.

shell@MFC512:/ $ su
shell@MFC512:/ # id
uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root) context=u:r:shell:s0
shell@MFC512:/ # 

The SELinux mode is on permissive so the context couldn't be the problem i think.

shell@MFC512:/ # getprop|grep selinux                                          
[ro.boot.selinux]: [permissive]
[selinux.reload_policy]: [1]
shell@MFC512:/ # 

What did i have fergot on this rooting procedure?

Thanks in advance

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