I have the many-to-many relation between Note and Subject.

A note current exists with a couple of subjects. What is the best way to append a new subject if it doesn't exist.

Consider the following:

const category1 = new Category();
category1.name = "animals";
await connection.manager.save(category1);

const category2 = new Category();
category2.name = "zoo";
await connection.manager.save(category2);

const question = new Question();
question.categories = [category1, category2];
await connection.manager.save(question);

const category3 = new Category();
category3.name = "fun";
await connection.manager.save(category3);

I would like to have something like:


event better would be

question.categories.append([category2, category3])

where it would only add the new distinct items.

  • This should work as expected, what is going wrong in your case? – Clément Prévost Sep 15 at 16:34

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