I have this php code:

$query = $database->query("SELECT EXISTS(SELECT * FROM contacts WHERE contact_id = '$contactID')";

if($query == 0){
echo "not registered";
}elseif($query == 1){
echo "registered"

If I'm not wrong, the query is suppose to return 0 or 1 and it works in my SQLite manager. What is the correct way on getting that value in Php and use it in IF ELSE statement?


If you only need a single value, you can use querySingle:

$result = $database->querySingle("SELECT EXISTS(SELECT * FROM contacts WHERE contact_id = '$contactID'");

Otherwise, with normal queries, the result returned by ->query isn't actually the data itself, but an identifier you would use to get data from the database:

$results = $db->query('SELECT bar FROM foo');
while ($row = $results->fetchArray()) {

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