I have a struct/model

type User struct {
        Name string         `gorm:"unique;not null" json:"name"`
        Data postgres.Jsonb `json:"data"`

I can query in postgres

db=# select id,name,data from users where data @> '{"foo": "bar"}';
id | name  |       data
6 | user01 | {"foo": "bar"}
7 | user02 | {"foo": "bar"}
8 | user03 | {"foo": "bar"}

How do I construct a query on the jsonB column for a particular key(s)? I was not able to find any documentation for using model objects to query. I understand its possible to do with raw query, but wanted to see how it can be done using model object ie.

users := []model.User{}
db.Find(&users, map[string]interface{}{"foo": "bar"})



  • Have you tried db.Find(&users, "data @> ?", map[string]interface{}{"foo": "bar"}) – Ezequiel Muns Sep 26 at 10:25
  • Thanks, I see that this does resolve my question. – eray Sep 28 at 19:17
  • Okay, then i’ll Add this as an answer :) – Ezequiel Muns Sep 29 at 20:33

In your example you are not specifying which field the map will filter. Try

db.Find(&users, "data @> ?", map[string]interface{}{"foo": "bar"})

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