How can I get third party oAuth to work with an app that doesn't have a signed domain in these oAuth providers such as Google or Facebook?

I have a component that the user is importing and using in THEIR app - meaning each use of that component has different domain (each user = different domain) and my component needs to make an oAuth using Google so the app-owner-users could use my component during the session.

The problem - the component is serverless and only make AJAX requests to another server - means even if this server will try to auth though Google or so, it can't response back to the client with the data because its already redirected from the request and the connection no longer tied to the users client but to the oAuth page of the oAuth provider.

Best example to the behavior I want is like the disqus service which allow the user to connect through google without registering an app in their API. The user simply drop the Disqus code in his site and it will handle the oAuth for him.

Another good example you can see here in Commento if you click on Login > Google it will redirect to Google auth page and the other page will be connected to the session while all it needs to do to make it work is to drop <script/> with Commento script in it. I on the other hand need it to work not through <script/> but through NPM package but the concept is very much a like.

I hope this question was clear enough.

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