Im using a wordpress + woocommerce website.

I'm building a custom page template with WP Bakery, desplaying: [ cart | products table ] <<--- as layout.

The cart is added using W/C shortcode text for cart. When the cart is empty, and im adding the first product (w/ ajax), the cart doesnt update and stays empty:

empty cart after adding one product

But then, when i hit refresh, the product appears, and then when i add another product, it is added with AJAX successfully.

enter image description here

How can i solve this and have the first product added with ajax successfully?

my website is:

Using latest W/C and Wordpress. Plugins: W/C product Tables.

  • Check in your ajax function before adding the item that the cart exists, this may be due to WooCommerce now managing the sessions in the database and not in the $_SESSION variable. – mauricioabisay Sep 14 at 17:11
  • Im not so experienced with code, ill be glad to know what to do :) – Yatir Sep 14 at 17:12

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