I'm using MongoDB with Spring Data.

Also, I'm paginating using Pageable class of Spring Data:

List<Event> events = eventRepository.findAll(
    new PageRequest(0, 100,
       new Sort(Sort.Direction.DESC, "timestamp"))).getContent();

When I turn on debug I see that MongoDB query is not using any limit:

14:35:13.893 [main] DEBUG o.s.data.mongodb.core.MongoTemplate - find 
using query: { } fields: null for class: class com.sarasa.events.Event
in collection: Event

So, is it retrieving all documents from database and then paginating it in Spring Data (locally)?


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    Have you checked the MongoDB log? You can log all queries by running db.setLogLevel(1). – dnickless Sep 14 at 21:20

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