I was trying to classify mnist digits and I used the following- Neural net(98.3% on validation set), rbf kernel svm(98.8) on validation set and pca+knn(97.3%). Then for the voting procedure I assigned weights(= their accuracy percentage mentioned). So for example- Svm predicts 1, knn predicts 7 and neural net predicts 1 then 1 will have a total weight of (0.983+0.988) and 7 will have a weight of 0.973. Svm alone was getting 98.9% accuracy on the test set, but after my voting procedure the accuracy of the predictions went down to 98.1%.

The only idea I have had so far is to use the accuracy of the classification of the individual digits(from the confusion matrix) and use them as weights. For example, neural net might have a higher correct classification rate of 2,3,8 and svm might have better predictions on the rest. Any other suggestions to improve this?

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