From what I can tell, Office 365 add-ins are entirely client side with the Manifest file and a handful of HTML/JS, and any server-side logic needs to be hosted on your own servers. This is not an issue for my add-in, aside from the login logic.

I would like to use the current Outlook user's Office 365 account so the user can upload attachments to a SharePoint document library, but I wasn't able to find any way of getting the current Office 365 user on the server. There doesn't appear to be any session data in the add-in, and while I can get the current user's email address using the Office.context object on the client-side, this isn't enough to create a SharePoint context with, and can also be faked since it's being passed from the client.

Is there any way to instantiate a SharePoint context or get Office 365 user credentials on the server from an Outlook add-in?

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