I know that I can use a URL rewrite rule in IIS to pass requests through IIS to a localhost server, i.e., use use IIS as a reverse proxy like this:

mydomain.com/opt1 => localhost:9000
mydomain.com/opt2 => localhost:9001

But I want to route based on subdomains rather than paths. i.e. I want:

op1.mydomain.com => localhost:9000
opt2.mydomain.com => localhost:9001

How do I do this? When I create two websites in IIS I can easily get them to respond to specific domains. But when I add a URL rewrite rule the rule applies to all bindings to a port - i.e. I can only specify redirection to localhost:9000 or localhost:9001, but not both

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    1) Ensure the site bindings allow op1.mydomain.com and opt2.mydomain.com requests to come in. 2) In your rules, add conditions to verify incoming host names. Then it simply should work. I assume you didn't know how to set conditions? – Lex Li Sep 14 at 21:00
  • thank you - i didn't know how to add conditions – Zach Smith Sep 14 at 21:07
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    blog.lextudio.com/… I showed the simplest example under "Mistake 1", and you can ask Google for more examples. – Lex Li Sep 14 at 21:08

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