I always wanted to store my virtual machines on a USB-Drive, without making it a boot-drive. So I found out that there was a portable version of virtual box. I downloaded it and set it up on my USB-Stick and created a virtual machine with Kali Linux. That worked but when I tried to start that machine there was just an error, that it couldn't start a session of this machine. In the VBoxHardening.log were at the end just these lines :

3b2c.d4bc: supR3HardenedScreenImage/NtCreateSection: cached rc=Unknown Status -626 (0xfffffd8e) fImage=1 fProtect=0x10 fAccess=0xf cHits=4 \Device\HarddiskVolume4\Windows\System32\bcrypt.dll

3b2c.d4bc: supR3HardenedMonitor_LdrLoadDll: returns rcNt=0xc0000190 'F:\Software\Portable-VirtualBox\app64\VirtualBox.dll'
10070.f180: supR3HardNtChildWaitFor[2]: Quitting: ExitCode=0x1 (rcNtWait=0x0, rcNt1=0x0, rcNt2=0x103, rcNt3=0x103, 2360 ms, the end);
d0a4.10730: supR3HardNtChildWaitFor[1]: Quitting: ExitCode=0x1 (rcNtWait=0x0, rcNt1=0x0, rcNt2=0x103, rcNt3=0x103, 3106 ms, the end);

I hope someone can help me, so I can start that Linux.

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