Issue with output with derived print_all class method when inserted under class PetData. My output is including NONE before ID: 4444. Why?

class AnimalData:
    def __init__(self):
        self.full_name = ''
        self.age_years = 0

    def set_name(self, given_name):
        self.full_name = given_name

    def set_age(self, num_years):
        self.age_years = num_years

    # Other parts omitted

    def print_all(self):
        print('Name:',  self.full_name)
        print('Age:', self.age_years)

class PetData(AnimalData):
    def __init__(self):
        self.id_num = 0

    def set_id(self, pet_id):
        self.id_num = pet_id

    # FIXME: Add print_all() member method

    ''' Your solution goes here '''

    def print_all(self):
        print(AnimalData.print_all(self), 'ID:', self.id_num)

user_pet = PetData()


Name: Fluffy Age: 5 None ID: 4444

Figured it out:

''' Your solution goes here '''

def print_all(self):
    print('ID:', self.id_num)

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