I'm trying to query some data from mongoDb which contains likes array. Each like object holds user.id of liker.

I need an extra boolean field that says if document is liked by user or not. So I need isLiked to be true if user has liked the document.

Here is what I have done till now:

I used ConditionalOperators.Cond to check if likes.userId is equal to userId of visitor.

public List<PostExtra> findPostsNearBy(double[] point, Distance distance, String thisUserId) {
    mongoTemplate.indexOps(CheckInEntity.class).ensureIndex(new GeospatialIndex("position"));

    ConditionalOperators.Cond conditionalOperators = new ConditionalOperators.ConditionalOperatorFactory(Criteria.where("likes.userId").is(thisUserId)).then(true).otherwise(false);

    Aggregation aggregation = Aggregation.newAggregation(
                        .query(new Query(privacyConsideredOperationHelper.privacyConsideredQuery(userRelationsEntity)))
            Aggregation.project("user", "description").and(conditionalOperators).as("isLiked")

    final AggregationResults<PostExtra> results =
            mongoTemplate.aggregate(aggregation, PostEntity.class, PostExtra.class);
    return results.getMappedResults();

if I remove the comment on Aggregation.unwind("likes") I can only get posts that this user has liked not those he hasn't.

I have seen the same matter here but I dont know whats the MontoTemplate code related to that? Also I have seen approaches with setIsSubset, still I dont know java implementation.

I'm using spring boot 2.0.4.RELEASE and spring-boot-starter-data-mongodb.

@Document(collection = EntityCollectionNames.POST_COLLECTION_NAME)
public class PostEntity{
    private String id;
    private UserEntity user;

    @GeoSpatialIndexed(type = GeoSpatialIndexType.GEO_2DSPHERE)
    @Field(value = "position")
    private Point position;

    @Field(value = "description")
    private String description;

    private int likesCount;
    private List<LikeEntity> likes;

Post Extra:

public class PostExtra extends PostEntity {
    private double distance;
    private boolean isLiked;


public class LikeEntity {
    private String userId;

After some searching I found out to do it without using unwind I need to implement something like this to project isLiked field:


I tried to do it in spring like this:

    ConditionalOperators.Cond conditionalOperators = new ConditionalOperators.ConditionalOperatorFactory(

But I didnt know what to pass to intersects() method and apparently Spring does not let you pass List or Array as that input. Then I found out I can implement my own AggregationExpressions and override toDocument() method.

So I came up with this and it worked:

ConditionalOperators.Cond conditionalOperators = new ConditionalOperators.ConditionalOperatorFactory(
                new AggregationExpression() {
                    public Document toDocument(AggregationOperationContext aggregationOperationContext) {
                        return Document.parse("{$gt:[{$size:{$setIntersection:[\"$likes.userId\",[\""+userId+"\"]]}},0]}");

Ofcourse I could add $cond to the implementation directly too.

I would still like to know if there are any spring solutions that does not contain mongodb queries directly for this.

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