I have 2 text files, old.txt with the list of all files needs to be rename and new.txt with the new names. For example, old.txt

hello world.doc
ok, it's done.docx



I wanted to read line by line those files and use them in arguments with the command mv. I can do it with one file (while read line) but I don't know how to manage the second file...

In conclusion, I want to use 2 files as sources of arguments for another bash command.

Any ideas?

Thank you

  • Another forum give me the answer: while read -r lineFic1 <&3; do read -r lineFic2 <&4; vm "$lineFic1" "$lineFic2"; done 3<fic1.txt 4<fic2.txt – A D Sep 15 '18 at 20:33

You can use another read with a different FD:

while IFS= read -r old_name && IFS= read -r new_name <&3; do
    mv -- "$old_name" "$new_name"
done <old.txt 3<new.txt

Or using paste and GNU xargs (for the -d option):

paste -d'\n' {old,new}.txt | xargs -d'\n' -n2 mv --

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