So I'm using a library that's been abandoned but I've made quite a few changes within its files under Pods. If the pods are reinstalled, the library won't work. What's the best practice for this sort of thing?

I have forked the project over and updated it with my changes.

Instead of having the line: pod "PodToIntall"

I have pod "PodToInstall", git: => "the url to my fork", branch: => "master"

If I try to pod install I get the error

[!] Unable to find a specification for 'PodToInstall'

The project is dead so if I can't get the owner to merge my changes is there any way to pull it off my github?


Check that all steps are done from the following list:

  1. Change the source files from your forked pod project.
  2. Commit it & push to GitHub (if pod is hosted here).
  3. Update the Podfile within your main project to use forked pod.
  4. Run in terminal pod update PodToInstall.

Also CocoaPods and GitHub forks might be useful.

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