Few weeks back I made changes to my wordpress site ctageory slug redirecting https://example.com/category/catname/ to https://example.com/catname/ to strip the 'category' base slug. Due to some restraints again I changed it back to normal as https://example.com/category/catname/

Now I am having number of 404 category archive pages crawl errors in Google Webmaster Tools, the errors like below:

1. https://example.com/catname/page/1/?
2. https://example.com/catname/page/2/?

How can I redirect these /catname/page/(.*) to /category/catname/page/$1. I have tried redirecting with htaccess and wordpress redirect plugins but nothing seemed to be working and resultedmost browsers saying "too many redirects" and the page didn't load.

I have been struggling with it. Any help shall be appreciable. Thank you very much

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