I have a MediaBrowserServiceCompat service that uses Exoplayer2 to play a ConcatenatingMediaSource list of media files, as if they were one file. It is using MediaSessionConnector to hook the Exoplayer up to MediaControllerCompat playback controls which I make use of in my UI via a standard MediaBrowserCompat session.

Because I want the playlist of media files to appear as one seamless file, I am handling the notification of playback position myself, by adding the duration of previous windows to the current position, as follows:

private val updatesRunnable = Runnable {
    run {
        val currentPosition = mSimpleExoPlayer.currentPosition
        val windowIndex = mSimpleExoPlayer.currentWindowIndex
        val position = mOffsetsArray[windowIndex] + currentPosition
        val playbackStateBuilder = PlaybackStateCompat.Builder()
                .setState(PlaybackStateCompat.STATE_PLAYING, position, 0f)

That mostly works fine, and my UI shows the correct position of the playback relative to the whole playlist, so that, for instance, if the first file is 1 minute long, the second file displays as starting at "00:01:00" rather than starting again at "00:00:00".

But the UI also momentarily shows "00:00:00" whenever Exoplayer moves to the next concatenated file. Somewhere the MediaSessionConnector seems to be setting the MediaSessionCompat play position itself, and it's conflicting with the playback position I have set in the runnable above.

How and where do I get MediaSessionConnector to update the play position so it's relative to all the files in the concatention, or alternatively how and where do I prevent MediaSessionConnector from updating the play position altogether, so I can just do that myself? I tried setting doMaintainMetadata to false but that doesn't stop MediaSessionConnector's position update as I hoped.

My problem is similar to "Is it possible to have single seekbar for ConcatenatingMediaSource?", but I can't implement the solution provided there because I am using my own UI, rather than the Exoplayer UI, so I can't make use of the setShowMultiWindowTimeBar which addresses this issue on the clientside. I need to address the issue on the service side so that any and all players attached to the session (ideally including the player in the notification bar) show the correct position.

thanks in advance


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