I was following this article: https://calibreapp.com/blog/2017-11-28-debugging-react/

I run the profiling but when I click on the the component, I can't see the exact timing, as is mentioned in the article.

I use React 16, I'm in development mode. I also tried ?react_perf but that didn't help (that should be for React 15 anyway)

enter image description here

Thanks for the answers


It appears to be an issue with the current stable release of Chrome. Using a newer version of Chrome, such as Chrome Dev or Canary, will allow you to use the breakdown until the update makes its way into a stable release of Chrome.



For anyone using React v17 or greater, note these timings have been removed from React: https://github.com/facebook/react/pull/18417.

  • The User Timing API was removed, because of Inaccurate timings, Insufficient programmatic API, Bugs and maintenance burden. As an alternative the <React.Profiler> component was added. Oct 26 '21 at 13:32

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