I am trying to migrate from spring boot 1.5 tio 2.0 and faced problem: I changed version of spring-cloud-netflix-core from 1.3.4.RELEASE to 2.0.1.RELEASE:


Unfortunately, feign library imports failed:

import org.springframework.cloud.netflix.feign.EnableFeignClients;
import org.springframework.cloud.netflix.feign.FeignAutoConfiguration;
import org.springframework.cloud.netflix.feign.FeignClient;

There is no library .feign in new 2.0.1 version. What should I use instead? (connot leave old cloud version because of conflict with spring boot autoconfiguration)


Since the 2.x release Spring Cloud moved the netflix feign classes to their own project.


You need to update your re-import with the correct package



You need to import feign as an independent dependency starting from 2.X release:


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