Here's my setup: I have a SW_Dev stream which is loaded in SW_Dev_RWS workspace. This is where the daily work is done. Every once in a while, I make a snapshot of SW_Dev, and create a workspace from that snapshot, SW_Release_v1_RWS. Then I change the flow target of SW_Release_v1_RWS to SW_Release stream deliver all changes there and also make a snapshot. The goal is to have snapshots for all releases in SW_Release stream. I also keep SW_Release_v1_RWS loaded for a while, since I often need to produce release binaries with small tweaks for testing.

The problem I have appears when I have unfinished work in SW_Dev which I have to store in a suspended changeset. For some reason, that suspended changeset also appears (as suspended) in SW_Release_v1_RWS. Of course that means there are no actual modifications to the release workspace, but it doesn't look tidy. What's worse, if I try to discard a suspended changeset from SW_Release_v1_RWS, it also disappears from SW_Dev_RWS.

Is there a way to prevent suspended changesets created in SW_Dev_RWS from appearing in SW_Release_v1_RWS? Perhaps there is a different approach I should adopt for saving release snapshots in SW_Release stream?

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