I've created a SAPUI5 application with a List and want to color the CustomListItems with css.

My style gets always overridden by sap-style. I don't know how to order this...

I've also tried to implement style direct in element...

Can someone please help me?


  background-color: #FA5858


<Page title="Simple Kanban Board">
        <HBox width="100%">
            <List id="lstOpenItems" items = "{kanban>/OPEN}" width="100%" class="sapUiResponsiveMargin">
                        <Title text="offene Aufgaben" level="H2" />
                <items >
                    <CustomListItem class="itemOpen" style="background-color:#FA5858">
                        <VBox class="sapUiSmallMargin sapUiSmallMarginTopBottom">
                            <Title titleStyle="H3" text="{kanban>NAME}"  />
                            <Text text="Description1" />
                        <!-- <VBox class="sapUiSmallMargin">
                            <Text text="Description2" />
                            <CheckBox selected="{NotApplicable}" select="onNACheckBoxSelect" />
                            <RatingIndicator value="{RatingValue}" maxValue="{MaxValue}" change="onRatingChanged" />
                            <Text text="{ path: 'RatingValue', formatter: '.formatter.ratingText' }" />
                        </VBox> -->

Screenshot from Chrome Element Inspector

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please add !important in your style.css to the respective style attribute:

.itemOpen {
  background-color: #FA5858 !important;

the !important attribute gives first priority to the rule of the respective element. it says that this is the rule that needs to be applied to the respective element. a rule with the !important attribute is going to overwrite other more specific css rules.

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    Works great! !important seems to be important :) Commented Sep 18, 2018 at 5:51
  • After I struggled a long time to find a way to load the CSS after loading the view, as opposed to in the manifest,json (where it would also just get overwritten as per the OP here), I settled on this solution and I can confirm it works. Thank you! Commented Apr 6, 2021 at 5:27

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