I'm working with one Spreadsheet named "geral" (General, in Portuguese), where I saved all informations and the column A saves the Names of the people. I created another sheet just to see some columns from 'Geral' Sheet, and I entered the following formula in A1 cell:

=QUERY(geral!1:994; "select A,F,L,M order by A"; 1)

. It doesn't work, but if I wrote ... order by A desc it works well.

How can I write the query to see the data in "ABC" order, and not just descending?


Look lower down your sheet. Blanks are being sorted first.

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    To add, use "select * where A <> '' or A is not null order by A" to filter out empty cells
    – Himmators
    Oct 3 '18 at 10:21
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    that is embarrassing Feb 27 at 3:51

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