I have the following code:

def foo: OptionT[Future, String] = OptionT(Future.successful("foobar"))
def f: String => Option[Int] = s => Some(s.length)

I'm looking for something in the scalaz library that composes f after foo, but there are only two flatMap implementations in OptionT (flatMap and flatMapF), and neither has the signature I'm looking for (A => Option[B]).

I can implement it myself easily, e.g., OptionT(foo.run.map(_.flatMap(f))) for any Functor F, or foo.flatMap(e => Future.succesful(f(e))) for Future specifically (or any Applicative for that matter), but why is that method missing in the first place? It seems to be pretty basic functionality. Is there an import I'm missing or another place in the scalaz library where this functionality is implemented?


EDIT: I see that Cats includes this method under subFlatMap https://github.com/typelevel/cats/blob/master/core/src/main/scala/cats/data/OptionT.scala#L54.

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