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I'm new to using R Shiny, and I'm trying to understand how to generate a ggplot plot with user specified colors, but with static size using the same input data frame. Reprex with diamonds data below- the scatterplot comes out all one color, where I would expect to be colored by the levels of the input variable. I've created a dummy variable of size bins based on 'carat'. Basically, the color is static (one color) and not reactive in Shiny app- I'm sure something very simple I am not following in Shiny, any pointers greatly appreciated.


diamonds$carat_bins <- cut(diamonds$carat,4)

# Define UI for application that draws a histogram
ui <- fluidPage(
titlePanel("Diamonds Data"),

    selectInput(inputId = "col",
                label = "Color Variable:",
                choices = c("color","clarity"),
                selected = "color")

  # Show map
    plotOutput(outputId = "scatterplot")

server <- function(input, output) {

output$scatterplot <- renderPlot({
  ggplot() + 
    geom_point(data=diamonds, aes(x, y, size = carat_bins, col=input$col))

shinyApp(ui = ui, server = server)

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