I would like to use the cloud foundry api to get information about different apps running on the Pivotal Apps Manager.

When I run a GET request on https://api.[domain-to-look-into.com]/v2/apps I keep getting this response:

    "description": "Invalid Auth Token",
    "error_code": "CF-InvalidAuthToken",
    "code": 1000

I know I need some sort of Bearer Token but I am not sure how to generate that on a front-end application like angular. Does anyone know how to generate the Bearer Token and how to set up CRUD requests so I can get information from the cloud foundry api?

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    Cloud Foundry uses OAuth2, so you can use any of the OAuth2 flows to obtain a token (github.com/cloudfoundry/uaa/blob/develop/docs/…). Using the authorization code flow is best, if it works for your app. I'm not sure that'll be best for a single page app, as it requires redirects. If you can find an OAuth2 client library for Angular, it'd be best to use that. Then you don't have to implement anything. I can't endorse this one, but it's the first that popped up on Google. npmjs.com/package/… – Daniel Mikusa Sep 18 at 2:27

I wrote this Chrome plugin to talk to CF using Angular a while back, it's probably a good place to start. It handles authentication too.


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