I'm trying to use Fontawesome in my Flask/webpack project.

The craziest thing is some point it worked then stopped, I changed something stupid, it worked again and finally it stopped working completely.

What I have:

package config:

  "devDependencies": {
        "css-loader": "^1.0.0",
        "node-sass": "^4.9.3",
        "sass-loader": "^7.1.0",
        "style-loader": "^0.23.0",
        "webpack": "^4.19.0",
        "webpack-cli": "^3.1.0",
        "webpack-merge": "^4.1.4"
    "dependencies": {
        "@fortawesome/fontawesome-free": "^5.3.1",
        "bootstrap": "^4.1.3",

webpack config (rules section):

   test: /.(ttf|otf|eot|svg|woff(2)?)(\?[a-z0-9]+)?$/,
        use: [{
            loader: 'file-loader',
            options: {
            name: '[name].[ext]',
            outputPath: '../fonts/',  
            publicPath: '../static/fonts' 
        test: /\.css$/,
        use: [
        test: /\.scss$/,
        use: [

webpack, entry section:

entry: {
        myStyles: './stles/myStyles.js'


import fontawesome from "@fortawesome/fontawesome-free/scss/fontawesome.scss";
import regular from "@fortawesome/fontawesome-free/scss/regular.scss";
import solid from "@fortawesome/fontawesome-free/scss/solid.scss";
import brands from "@fortawesome/fontawesome-free/scss/brands.scss";

fontawesome.library.add(solid, regular, brands) 

The last line though caused the error in Chrome:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'add' of undefined

I also tried to add imports into my entry scss and it worked at some point, then stopped:

$fa-font-path: '~@fortawesome/fontawesome-free/webfonts';
@import "~@fortawesome/fontawesome-free/scss/fontawesome";
@import "~@fortawesome/fontawesome-free/scss/regular";
@import "~@fortawesome/fontawesome-free/scss/solid";
@import "~@fortawesome/fontawesome-free/scss/brands";

So, finally in my template I have:

<i class="fas fa-user-circle fa-fw"></i>

and what I see is only squares.

I checked Chrome, fonts are loaded (ttf, woff, woff2).

Please help. I already spent more than 6(!!!!) hours wasted on this problem and it's more than I spent on anything else related with webpack.

UPD I think I figured it out. I found that my public path was wrong, I mean this part of webpack config: publicPath: '../static/fonts' - it currently points to the static/fonts folder one level up from my html. First of all, relative path is wrong per se, secondly, a relative path will not work for other folders, third, I've changed it to the relative to the root: '/static/fonts' and it worked.

  • Did you find any solution to import it with scss? Feb 27, 2019 at 10:56
  • @white_gecko I was wrong with paths, see the update of the question.
    – mimic
    Feb 27, 2019 at 16:00
  • Regarding the inconsistent "it worked", "it stopped working" behavior: I had to yarn build instead of yarn dev to debug my font-awesome / webpack-loaders problems.
    – kca
    Jul 24, 2020 at 11:23
  • Did you manage to make it work on webpack 5 using Asset Modules?
    – apflieger
    Apr 25, 2023 at 20:16

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In my project (HTML Starter with webpack 4.26.1) I added FontAwesome via two variants:

1. Installed and added

I just installed FontAwesome Free (v5.5.0)

npm install --save-dev @fortawesome/fontawesome-free

and I added to index.js

import '@fortawesome/fontawesome-free/js/fontawesome'
import '@fortawesome/fontawesome-free/js/solid'
import '@fortawesome/fontawesome-free/js/regular'
import '@fortawesome/fontawesome-free/js/brands'

Source code / Commit

2. Used with the API / SVG

I installed FontAwesome (svg-core, brands-icons, regular-icons, solid-icons)

npm install --save-dev @fortawesome/fontawesome-svg-core @fortawesome/free-brands-svg-icons @fortawesome/free-regular-svg-icons @fortawesome/free-solid-svg-icons

and I added to JS file

import { library, dom } from '@fortawesome/fontawesome-svg-core'
import { fas } from '@fortawesome/free-solid-svg-icons'
import { far } from '@fortawesome/free-regular-svg-icons'
import { fab } from '@fortawesome/free-brands-svg-icons'

library.add(fas, far, fab) 


Source code with comments / Commits

  • 2
    If you're using Vue, then you need to use vue-fontawesome because the base library modifies the DOM in a way unsupported by Vue. Jul 11, 2019 at 16:53
  • 1
    Great - first step was all that was needed for me.
    – obrienk
    Sep 12, 2019 at 9:03
  • 1
    For all of you using FontAwesome5 this is the import to use in your app.js: import '@fortawesome/fontawesome-pro/css/all.css' Oct 24, 2019 at 21:25
  • Why not import via sass/css? Jan 30, 2020 at 17:05
  • Instead of dom.i2svg() I found that dom.watch() worked to turn on <I> tag replacement. Oct 22, 2020 at 22:30

This is what worked for me.

Taken from the user @ahbou on the webpacker issues page https://github.com/rails/webpacker/issues/619#issuecomment-430644035

on your console

yarn add @fortawesome/fontawesome-free

inside your .scss file

$fa-font-path: '~@fortawesome/fontawesome-free/webfonts'; 
@import '~@fortawesome/fontawesome-free/scss/fontawesome';
@import '~@fortawesome/fontawesome-free/scss/solid';
@import '~@fortawesome/fontawesome-free/scss/regular';
  • 5
    This worked great for me. This approach is simpler than including via JS and seems like the "right" thing to do since these packages are just SCSS, after all... (Fwiw, if you're using npm instead of yarn, you do npm install instead of yarn add))
    – rinogo
    May 1, 2020 at 19:56

this worked for me

import "@fortawesome/fontawesome-free/js/all.js";
import "@fortawesome/fontawesome-free/css/all.css";

in: app/javascript/packs/application.js

my case: Rails 6 webpacker gem, webpack, yarn

installed via yarn add @fortawesome/fontawesome-free

from https://github.com/rails/webpacker/issues/619#issuecomment-590454028


First install the following,

npm install file-loader @fortawesome/fontawesome-free --save

And then in the webpack.config.js, Add

  test: /\.(woff|woff2|eot|ttf|otf)$/,
  loader: "file-loader",
  options: {
    outputPath: "../fonts",


$fa-font-path: '../node_modules/@fortawesome/fontawesome-free/webfonts'; 
@import '../node_modules/@fortawesome/fontawesome-free/scss/fontawesome';
@import '../node_modules/@fortawesome/fontawesome-free/scss/solid';
@import '../node_modules/@fortawesome/fontawesome-free/scss/regular';

This should do the trick

  • Yes, you probably need a file loader! I also needed to add one for the SVGs.
    – asdf
    Dec 15, 2020 at 10:49
  • Prepended a ~ for node_modules dir and this answer worked
    – Trip
    Feb 12, 2021 at 14:24

Just import this file in your myStyle.js

import '@fortawesome/fontawesome-free/js/all'

or you can import only specific size of icons

import '@fortawesome/fontawesome-free/js/light'
import '@fortawesome/fontawesome-free/js/regular'
import '@fortawesome/fontawesome-free/js/solid'
import '@fortawesome/fontawesome-free/js/brands'

I think fontawesome.library.add() is not needed.


I am using the pro version, which is essentially the same in terms of usage, the ending of the name is '-pro' instead of '-free'.

I am importing the font awesome all.js file into my index.js file:

import '@fortawesome/fontawesome-pro/js/all.js'

And importing the css into my index.scss file:

@import '~@fortawesome/fontawesome-pro/css/all.css';
  • 1
    I didn't need the ~ for my .scss import but otherwise this was perfect.
    – t56k
    Feb 18, 2020 at 23:33

Incase anyone comes looking for a solution for implementing font awesome 5 (fa5) in symfony 4+ applications using webpack, the solution is the same as others have mentioned previously.

So firstly you will have to install fontawesome. Run yarn add @fortawesome/fontawesome-free on your terminal.

Then you simply require all.css and all.js in your app.js file. Incase it's not clear which app.js file I'm referring to here, you can find the app.js file in the app-root/assets/js directory.

import '@fortawesome/fontawesome-free/js/all.js';

import '@fortawesome/fontawesome-free/css/all.css';

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