I have list of tuples with data something like this:

list1 = [(1100, 'abc', '{"1209": "Y", "1210": "Y"}'), (1100, 'abc', None)]

def insert_sample_data(col_val):
    cur = self.con.cursor()
    sql = """insert into sampletable values {}""".format(col_val)

values1 = ', '.join(map(str, list1))  #bulk insert

Table Structure: ssid int, name varchar, rules jsonb

When I am trying to insert the data but it throws me an error saying "insert column "none" does not exist". How can we load the data into table with 'Null' or 'None'?

I looked at this solution but it does not help in this case How to insert 'NULL' values into PostgreSQL database using Python?

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    Why does the solution from the linked question not work in this case? Because of the bulk insert? For that you should use executemany or execute_batch if speed is important for you.
    – shmee
    Sep 18 '18 at 17:09

As @shmee states, you need to use something like executemany and parameterize your values instead of using format, which is vulnerable to SQL injection.

I would modify your code as follows:

def insert_sample_data(self, values): # added self since you are referencing it below
    with self.con.cursor() as cur:
        sql = "insert into sampletable values (%s, %s, %s)" # Use %s for parameters
        cur.executemany(sql, values) # Pass the list of tuples directly

list1 = [(1100, 'abc', '{"1209": "Y", "1210": "Y"}'), (1100, 'abc', None)]
self.insert_sample_data(list1) # pass the list directly
  • As @shmee said, speed is something really important for my process as there are atleast 100k to 1mil records to be inserted and using executemany takes a lot of time. I made few modifications to your code and it worked like a charm. Thanks @Nicarus Sep 19 '18 at 14:09

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