I want to connect from my home pc with VPN (ubuntu-18.04) to work pc (ubuntu 18.04) using x2go.

Server side installation:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:x2go/stable

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install x2goserver x2goserver-xsession

Client side installation:

sudo apt-get install x2goclient

I am able to ssh to my remote desktop, but x2go doesn't work. Problem seems to be in the server side, since I tried to x2go connect from different computer (CentOs) and error was the same.

Client session preferences window: enter image description here

I tried almost everything in session preferences, even with RSA key (I have it) or single application session type and many else, always the same error.

enter image description here

Client debug log: (x2goclient --debug)

x2go-INFO-1> "Starting X2Go Client" x2go-WARNING-1> English language requested, not loading translator. x2go-WARNING-1> English language requested, not loading translator. Object::connect: No such slot ONMainWindow::slotCheckAgentProcess() x2go-INFO-3> "Started X2Go Client." x2go-DEBUG-../src/onmainwindow.cpp:563> "$HOME=/home/XXX" x2go-DEBUG-../src/onmainwindow.cpp:2242> Reading 1 sessions from config file. x2go-DEBUG-../src/sessionbutton.cpp:342> Creating QPixmap with session icon: ":/img/icons/128x128/x2gosession.png". x2go-DEBUG-../src/onmainwindow.cpp:12843> libssh not initialized yet. Initializing. x2go-DEBUG-../src/onmainwindow.cpp:2728> Creating QPixmap with session icon: '":/img/icons/128x128/x2gosession.png"'. x2go-DEBUG-../src/onmainwindow.cpp:2795> Starting session via Smart Card, SSH Agent or Kerberos token. x2go-INFO-8> "Starting connection to server:" x2go-DEBUG-../src/onmainwindow.cpp:2829> Starting new ssh connection to server:"":"22" krbLogin: false x2go-DEBUG-../src/sshmasterconnection.cpp:175> SshMasterConnection, host ""; port 22; user "XXX"; useproxy false; proxyserver ""; proxyport 22 x2go-DEBUG-../src/sshmasterconnection.cpp:248> Starting SSH connection without Kerberos authentication. x2go-DEBUG-../src/sshmasterconnection.cpp:252> SshMasterConnection, instance SshMasterConnection(0x56102247dbe0) created. x2go-DEBUG-../src/sshmasterconnection.cpp:520> SshMasterConnection, instance SshMasterConnection(0x56102247dbe0) entering thread. x2go-DEBUG-../src/sshmasterconnection.cpp:840> Session port before config file parse: 22 x2go-DEBUG-../src/sshmasterconnection.cpp:850> Session port after config file parse: 22 x2go-DEBUG-../src/sshmasterconnection.cpp:915> Session port before config file parse (part 2): 22 x2go-DEBUG-../src/sshmasterconnection.cpp:925> Session port after config file parse (part 2): 22 x2go-DEBUG-../src/sshmasterconnection.cpp:950> cserverAuth x2go-DEBUG-../src/sshmasterconnection.cpp:991> state: 1

x2go-DEBUG-../src/sshmasterconnection.cpp:1364> userAuthAuto failed:"" (code 1)

x2go-DEBUG-../src/sshmasterconnection.cpp:1274> Trying password mechanism if available.

x2go-DEBUG-../src/sshmasterconnection.cpp:1278> Password mechanism available. Continuing.

x2go-DEBUG-../src/sshmasterconnection.cpp:726> User authentication OK. x2go-DEBUG-../src/sshmasterconnection.cpp:1789> LOGIN CHECK:"LOGIN OK " x2go-DEBUG-../src/sshmasterconnection.cpp:1792> don't have interaction x2go-DEBUG-../src/sshmasterconnection.cpp:1825> LOOP FINISHED x2go-DEBUG-../src/sshmasterconnection.cpp:1829> No interaction needed, continue session x2go-DEBUG-../src/sshmasterconnection.cpp:735> Login Check - OK x2go-DEBUG-../src/onmainwindow.cpp:2923> SSH connection established. x2go-DEBUG-../src/onmainwindow.cpp:3336> Continue normal X2Go session x2go-DEBUG-../src/sshprocess.cpp:199> Executing remote command via SshProcess object 0: "x2golistsessions" x2go-DEBUG-../src/sshprocess.cpp:213> this=SshProcess(0x5610224a1f30) Running masterCon->addChannelConnection(this, ' "1d4dfc1a-7f4d-4f00-b39e-07273d3d973d" ', ' "bash -l -c 'echo "X2GODATABEGIN:1d4dfc1a-7f4d-4f00-b39e-07273d3d973d"; export PATH="/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin";export TERM="dumb"; x2golistsessions; echo "X2GODATAEND:1d4dfc1a-7f4d-4f00-b39e-07273d" '); x2go-DEBUG-../src/sshmasterconnection.cpp:1891> Locking SSH channel connection MUTEX. x2go-DEBUG-../src/sshmasterconnection.cpp:1893> Passing new channel connection object to channelConnections. x2go-DEBUG-../src/sshmasterconnection.cpp:1895> Unlocking SSH channel connection MUTEX. x2go-DEBUG-../src/sshmasterconnection.cpp:2083> Creating new channel.

x2go-DEBUG-../src/sshmasterconnection.cpp:2100> New channel:0x7fcf84012aa0

x2go-DEBUG-../src/sshmasterconnection.cpp:2185> Executing remote: "bash -l -c 'echo "X2GODATABEGIN:1d4dfc1a-7f4d-4f00-b39e-07273d3d973d"; export PATH="/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin";export TERM="dumb"; x2golistsessions; echo "X2GODATAEND:1d4dfc1a-7f4d-4f00-b39e-07273d3d973d";'"

x2go-DEBUG-../src/sshmasterconnection.cpp:2208> New exec channel created.

x2go-DEBUG-../src/sshmasterconnection.cpp:2257> EOF on channel 0x7fcf84012aa0; SshProcess object: 0 x2go-DEBUG-../src/sshmasterconnection.cpp:2380> EOF sent. x2go-DEBUG-../src/sshmasterconnection.cpp:2384> Channel closed. x2go-DEBUG-../src/sshprocess.cpp:526> SSH finished: raw output (stdout): "" x2go-DEBUG-../src/sshprocess.cpp:532> Have stderr only, something must be wrong. x2go-DEBUG-../src/sshprocess.cpp:537> SSH finished: false - "bash: bash: command not found " (0). x2go-DEBUG-../src/onmainwindow.cpp:3804> "bash: bash: command not found

If someone was interested, I can show server's side /var/log/syslog

Thank you for your help

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Please try moving your .bashrc aside and retry.

  • Ok, some more tips: Let's rule out gnome first. Create a new session and instead of choosing gnome select "Application" for the session type. In the rightmost test field enter the path to xterm on your server (be sure to install xterm there). If that is working there is a problem with the gnome session setup. You can also try to disable "auto-login" and see if that changes anything. The message bash: bash: command not found" could mean bash is not in your path or not installed, please check that, too.
    – uli42
    Sep 24, 2018 at 18:33
  • I selected Application but instead of xterm I choosed firefox (my friend works like that) and it didn't work. Also tried disable auto-login, didn't worked. And I use bash normally on both computers so I don't know how I couldn't have bash installed. How do I check if it is on classpath? Sep 25, 2018 at 14:04

It was my bad, silly me. I had a typo in /etc/environment file and I didn't notice it because I haven't restarted my PC after that typo. After fixing it, it worked.

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