I'm a new man in Deep learning and Google Colab. I'm trying to run this repo on Google Colab https://github.com/harvitronix/five-video-classification-methods But when I running extract_features.py, after 30 minutes, google Colab suddenly extreme slow, from ~2s/it to ~ 30s/it. As you can see in the picture below. It's my fault or it's a problem of GG Colab and how to fix it?

Google Colab so slow


For starters I would like to mention basic troubleshooting steps like check you internet connection and make sure you are on a stable Wi-Fi or wired internet connection.

Also if someone else is also on your network and they are downloading a heavy file (say a movie) ask them to pause/stop it for a while.

Apart from these basic steps I would recommend you to follow the below mentioned if you haven't already:

  1. Go to Runtime in Menu Bar.
  2. Select Change runtime type
  3. Under Hardware accelerator drop down menu select GPU.
  4. Click on Save

The notebook will buffer for a second or so while showing Allocating on right side of the Menu Bar. This should solve your issue. Apart from that I would like you to go through the basic introduction of using colab by following this link -> Colaboratory Welcome Link

  • I figure out my problem, it's Colab Problem, K80 GPU Memory decrease from 11.5GB to 500mb, it depends on Colab and we can't fix it – Thái Phạm Mar 3 at 19:45

If you are using google drive space to load the dataset, firstly download it to local colab notebook runtime space, I simply unzip the dataset into local runtime space and it resulted in quicker executions.

This trick can be applied if you are already using a GPU runtime and still want faster executions.


I figure out my problem, it's Colab Problem, K80 GPU Memory decrease from 11.5GB to 500mb (randomly), it depends on Colab and we can't fix it!

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