When using Angular-formly with ui-select and bootstrap theme, the selected item in the list is not changed to being highlighted. The first item remains highlighted. You can see this in the example taken from Angular Formly web site. In the state field Alabama is highlighted by default, if you select another field, it is still highlighted. Highlighting should change to the selected field.

This is the template I am using.

<ui-select ng-model="model[options.key]" 
  <ui-select-match placeholder="{{to.placeholder}}"> 
    {{$select.selected[to.labelProp || \'name\']}} 
      repeat="option[to.valueProp || \'value\'] as option in to.options | filter: $select.search"> 
    <div ng-bind-html="option[to.labelProp || \'name\'] | highlight: $select.search"></div> 

Has anyone come up with a solution for highlighting the actual selected item in the list?

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